That’s my Sista! #GirlChat

Your man acting cra cra, the kids going fool, and you worked all day, but still got to cook, because fast food is not an option tonight. No matter what us ladies need a break. We do it all for our families. Definitely the bread and butta that keeps it all together. When it’s time for conversations with your girl friends let’s have #Girlchat. We can all use it, Mytruth we need it.

“Where my girls at, from the front to back, well is you feelin that, put one hand up, can you repeat that… 90’s R&B female group- 702 – “Where my girls at”


With everything going on in our daily routines, we need to be able to call on someone other than our spouse (issue may be bout them ;0)) when we need to vent. We feel free to breathe, cry and laugh about our daily Truth. Every female has that one go to friend. She can talk to. Even if the conversation upsets her, she will listen to your truth and take it with understanding, and try to give you the best advice possible. She is not judge mental, and should not make you feel lower then you may already feel. She should uplift and encourage you, even if this is your 15th time taking that fool back. (There is always that one friend who cannot let go- #Nojudgement)


I love to see a woman empower another woman, for her skills, class, education, beauty, and the list can go on and on. Remember not all ladies are around an encouraging female, and those ladies may not understand there beauty, worth or class. Ladies who may need that extra daily push, to know someone is in there corner regardless of there current situation or past. That’s why I always try to listen first. You never know what someone is going through until you listen to them. That’s why I love to see woman empowerment of any kind.


#Girlchat, good conversation with a beverage of choice, and a juicy hot topic. We usually already know when our friend needs to talk. Ladies can converse in good and bad situations. By the time you are done talkin, you will have your answer, and know what to do next, and regardless of your decision, your girl friend will be ready for the next girl chat. That next topic to get U through whatever it may be. #Mytruth

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Carlisa is all about the three F's ~ Family, Friends and FUN! Not what I use to be, but not where I need to be, but with grace I will get there. While in the process I wanted to inspire, encourage and uplift. I am Uniquely created. We all should feel that way. Love yours truly!

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