To conform or not to conform. That is the ?

Take Breath

C • O• N• F•O•R•M-  Behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards.


As a society, life as most see it, if you don’t do it this way, it will not work that way, and vice versa. Growing up as a child, you hear your parents say “Go to school and get good grades, so as you grow, you will become successful and get married have kids….. Yea the good life right??? Well shh it just does not work that way most of the time.

Mytruth some people fall short of the top. You know, where they want to be. I see it everyday. On t.v, at the grocery store, or even in my own relationships. We go about this day to day life to get to the top. To be seen, but are you moving in your direction? Or are you conforming?

When I say this, its not to make you feel as if working your 9-5, being in that day to day routine is not how life should be. I am a firm believer of the next getting there money and banking all at the same time, but that day to day soon becomes a reality for most of society.       recharge

There are life choices to be made, and your decision can be your next big blessin or delay. Choosing to just change your day to day can shift change a lot of relationships, families. They may not understand your dramatic move, because it’s not what is in your life course that they foresee for you. You refuse to conform.

This life we hold should be an example of knowing that, sometimes you just have to step out on faith and watch God work. Sometime we may not understand what’s going on, but with prayer confidence amd and a good village surrounding it will be ok. Know your truth, not what society seeks you to be. #Mytruth


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Carlisa is all about the three F's ~ Family, Friends and FUN! Not what I use to be, but not where I need to be, but with grace I will get there. While in the process I wanted to inspire, encourage and uplift. I am Uniquely created. We all should feel that way. Love yours truly!

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