When Life is half Full.

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Why is it in life, for most is half full? Now when I say half full, Mytruth things are moving along to quickly or not quickly enough. I remember a time when it took forever and a month for Christmas to get here, now it seems like you can blink and we are saying HAPPY NEW YEAR, all over again.

As you get older, life moves a lot quicker. You want it to slow down because there may still be some things you need to accomplish. As a child all you want to do is grow up and explore life on your terms. Act out on all your dreams and try to accomplish them. Name one thing that you knew when you was younger that you was going to accomplish once you are old enough? I’ll wait…. For most to be successful and have a better life than what your parents possibly gave you.


My parents did there best to raise me and my siblings. Most would say that, but there was always a part of me that said. when I get older I will handle that situation differently. I will make sure that my kids will not have to go through what I had too.

Β  Life really is all you make it. Or is it? Me personally, I still see life as half full. My life in my 30’s is not what I expected. When I was 25 before my mom passed away then shortly after my dad, I thought for sure I would have a successful business and be a almost millionaire. Now that I am in my 30’s,Β  I know for sure there is still so much to Carlisa that has not been heard or seen. I surprise my self everyday. With new ideas and future endeavors.Β  Although life for me is still half full, I plan on filling that glass soon. I know that there is more. Do you see more for yourself? That is something we can all ask our self everyday. Never stop growing. #MYtruth

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Carlisa is all about the three F's ~ Family, Friends and FUN! Not what I use to be, but not where I need to be, but with grace I will get there. While in the process I wanted to inspire, encourage and uplift. I am Uniquely created. We all should feel that way. Love yours truly!

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