You watched what with your child? #SexNdMovie


Wanna Ride?

silhouette photo of man and woman kissing

As I approach and take my seat. You whisper close your eyes, and instantly I feel my body going Up and down… Back and forth, like a roller coaster. I gasp for air as I climax up. Then the drop. YES! the drop back down only makes you want more. So the next time your love meets, the only question will be Wanna ride?Β 



Time for Self Reflection.

Time, Money, and Air. They all have something in common and is what everybody wants. More Time, More Money, More Air. If you had more time, what would you do? If you had more money, what would you do? And if you know your air supply would never run low and you can live forever, what would you do??? Time for self reflection. #MyTruth, nothing.

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Nothing because if I’m unable to accomplish my goals with the time money, and air available to me now, what is a little extra going to do? Well, with a little more time I may not find myself procrastinating. More money….Well you think about that, and with more air I can out live my kids kids kids!!! And see there kids have kids.Β 

So maybe every once in a while, Β  Β 

Allow yourself to …………Self Reflect.

So I tell myself what more in this life do you want to accomplish with your Time, Money and the Air you breathe. We all want something. but if you allow TIME MONEY and AIR determine your GOALS, then just like all three will soon decease, you will too. What do you need to self reflect on? #MyTruthΒ 

When Life is half Full.

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Why is it in life, for most is half full? Now when I say half full, Mytruth things are moving along to quickly or not quickly enough. I remember a time when it took forever and a month for Christmas to get here, now it seems like you can blink and we are saying HAPPY NEW YEAR, all over again.

As you get older, life moves a lot quicker. You want it to slow down because there may still be some things you need to accomplish. As a child all you want to do is grow up and explore life on your terms. Act out on all your dreams and try to accomplish them. Name one thing that you knew when you was younger that you was going to accomplish once you are old enough? I’ll wait…. For most to be successful and have a better life than what your parents possibly gave you.


My parents did there best to raise me and my siblings. Most would say that, but there was always a part of me that said. when I get older I will handle that situation differently. I will make sure that my kids will not have to go through what I had too.

Β  Life really is all you make it. Or is it? Me personally, I still see life as half full. My life in my 30’s is not what I expected. When I was 25 before my mom passed away then shortly after my dad, I thought for sure I would have a successful business and be a almost millionaire. Now that I am in my 30’s,Β  I know for sure there is still so much to Carlisa that has not been heard or seen. I surprise my self everyday. With new ideas and future endeavors.Β  Although life for me is still half full, I plan on filling that glass soon. I know that there is more. Do you see more for yourself? That is something we can all ask our self everyday. Never stop growing. #MYtruth

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I Just opened an Online Store!

The lil People around me are huge K-Pop fans. They love getting together to sing and dance, and discuss why there BIAS is the best. So I created a store for all KPOP fans alike. Where they can shop, and stay up to date on there latest K-Pop artist, group and newly added merchandise. check out the store on @Β Enter your email to stay up to date on new merchandise to purchase.Β 

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Back in my zone. #DoU

When you are trying to do you, and your a wife, mother, sister, friend and maybe even a CEO. Shit can get tough. Just about everyone around you needs your attention. Trust me I know. As the older sister, but not the eldest sibling as a female and having nurturing ways, I want to help everyone around me do them, but am I doing me? Mytruth no, and not for a very long time. So I told myself for 2019 I would do things differently.

arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky


At least when it comes down to what I want to do for self. This year I plan on travelling to a state or city that I have never been, start a kick boxing class because this is something I always wanted to do, and finally use my birthday gift certificate from 2018 for a full body massage. Just to name a few. Back in my zone is just what it is. Focus on self and do more for self. Don’t get lost in what everyone else needs to do before you check YOU. You only get one life. #MyTruth

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Does he know? Her Thoughts.

Does he know the way I feel? The way my body trembles when he is near. How the sound of his voice makes me want him more. How his heart beat, when connected to mine is as if we was one. Does he know that his touch makes me shutter, and think back to that one time. Does he Know? Maybe he does, because the way he takes control, and gives me each and every piece of him. I know he knows, because I am his. His one and only. Β 

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I remember the very first day that I saw him
I found myself immediately intrigued by him
It’s almost like I knew this man from another life
Like back then maybe I was his husband, maybe he was my wife
~India Arie – The Truth




Leaving my 9-5 # LifeChoices

Leaving my 9-5 after ten years on the job, was just one of many hard life choices I had to make. My dad always told me to keep a job. So when I put my two weeks in I questioned myself over and over. Was this the right thing to do? What will my next move be? How am I going to take care of things without a steady income? Like I said alot of thoughts. The one thing I knew for sure, my family needed me at that moment more then my 9-5, and I had to do what I had to do.

Once it was official and coming up to my last day on the job, I was in denial. I started to doubt what I was doing, and made it seem as if I needed this 9-5 to continue to have a steady income. In some ways this is so very true, however I had to believe that what I was doing was a start to me getting things in order (routine) with my family, and also so that I can push myself further preparing for my role as an entrepreneur, along with already being a caretaker, mother, and wife.

This journey as an aspiring entrepreneur is not easy. Of course I never said it would be easy. There are so many moments where I have said Fuck this, let me go back to a 9 to 5. I can’t do this. My resume is still up and available on most common work sites. I have had several job offers, and opportunities to work, however with the assurance and trust of my husband that I do not need to go back to work, I have turned them all down. That helped ease my guilt of not providing after my nut shell started to run low.

I allowed family and friends to say things to me and make me feel as if what I did was very stupid, and I needed to go back to work, like an employee. In ways I felt that what everyone was saying was true. Then I started reading more and focusing on MY mental health. I needed to go back to the drawing board. If I did not want to have an employer I needed to successfully employ myself. Become self made.I knew with all the success over the past 10 years with my former employer, that I was going to be alright. Anything I put my hands on becomes my master piece. It was just I wanted my success now and not later. I knew I would have to apply myself more to achieve the level of success I want. I allow still, most life issues to determine what my next move will be. I have to release my mind from doubt and continue to TRUST. My Truth always believe in YOU. Nobody else will feed you and uplift you like you should and can. Yes positive people is always an up in your life, but self love is always the best love, and if you don’t have self love how can you love on anybody else. Take a minute and marinate on that. #My Truth