Do you want to touch?

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Sitting waiting on your call, I can only imagine what may happen if you was truly here. Music playin, candles lit, and you and me to create a new love scene. The passion from me and you, makes me gasp at the thought of us connecting. Not knowing how you may tame me, the sight of your strong third arm has my body pulsating all over, and you propose the question… Do you want to touch?


I get so weak in the knees, I can hardly speak.
I lose all control and something takes over me.
In a daze and it’s so amazing, it’s not a phase.
I want you to stay with me, by my side I swallow my pride, your love is so sweet it knocks me right off of my feet. Can’t explain why your loving makes me so weak.
SWV- Weak











Do you know cooking?

Cooking for me is a comfort passion. I never really understood how important cooking was until my parents passed away. My mom passed away in Sep, and thanksgiving as we all know is right around the corner. My dad and mom would combo team all the big things. You know: Turkey, Ham, Candy Yams, Stuffing…etc. So 2010 was a different year as we knew it for the wigfall ‘s. I took on the cooking for that year, and my dad was happy.
I knew how to cook a little, because I have a family of my own, and you know, you need to be able to cook a good wholesome meal. You can ask my husband. My cooking is definitely one of many reasons why he is still my husband ;0)

Now a select few in my household does not eat pork and or red meat. I also have my elderly grandma that got to eat too, and she also has a list of select items she can not eat. Grandma sneaky though, she will try it and pray all is well. She just want a taste.

You may be wondering well what in the ham is her point. Why is she talking about cooking? Mytruth cooking is a way to bring people together. Cooking is a staple point of all relationships. Shh everybody got to eat.

Look at your local food banks and community churches that is hosting a food drive or a fish fry to bring people together and share love through cooking. How bout when you with your crew just hanging and chillen. Laughing and talking bout things no one around you may even understand. Food is definitely in the picture some where.
Rather you chewing on some wings, my favorite ;0) or eating a gourmet meal with all the fixings. Cherish the people around you at that time. Make the most of it. Live Love Food, #MyTruth.

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Pressure and Release

As he pushes back and forth, in and out leaving a mark that only she holds. He vowed to love and cherish every part of her. With a steady hand, he caresses her leg applying gentle kisses on her neck and ear. She can no more contain her self, so she releases a passionate scream while releasing gentle waves of her into him. A passion of love, through spirit and body. No one knows how it will end until the release. #Mytruth 

Nightly Kiss

I wanna be with you, (got to be with you) need to be with you, 
They see that we did that (yes)
Its so true that (yes)
We’ve been through it (yes)
We got real sh$$ (yes)
See baby we been too strong for too long (and I can’t be without you baby) …
Mary J. Blige- Be Without You








To conform or not to conform. That is the ?

Take Breath

C • O• N• F•O•R•M-  Behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards.


As a society, life as most see it, if you don’t do it this way, it will not work that way, and vice versa. Growing up as a child, you hear your parents say “Go to school and get good grades, so as you grow, you will become successful and get married have kids….. Yea the good life right??? Well shh it just does not work that way most of the time.

Mytruth some people fall short of the top. You know, where they want to be. I see it everyday. On t.v, at the grocery store, or even in my own relationships. We go about this day to day life to get to the top. To be seen, but are you moving in your direction? Or are you conforming?

When I say this, its not to make you feel as if working your 9-5, being in that day to day routine is not how life should be. I am a firm believer of the next getting there money and banking all at the same time, but that day to day soon becomes a reality for most of society.       recharge

There are life choices to be made, and your decision can be your next big blessin or delay. Choosing to just change your day to day can shift change a lot of relationships, families. They may not understand your dramatic move, because it’s not what is in your life course that they foresee for you. You refuse to conform.

This life we hold should be an example of knowing that, sometimes you just have to step out on faith and watch God work. Sometime we may not understand what’s going on, but with prayer confidence amd and a good village surrounding it will be ok. Know your truth, not what society seeks you to be. #Mytruth

My Anchor. #He is

Today although just like Mothers day should be celebrated everyday, not just this one day. I get it though, it’s that one day that everyone can be in sync and on the same high of saying Happy fathers day. Daddy’s are the anchor of there household. The rock, he is the King.  

“Spin me around till I fell asleep, then up the stairs he would carry me, and I knew for sure. I was loved. If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him. I’d play a song that would never, never end. How I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again.”-  Luther Vandross- Dance with my Father

All kids deserved to have there father in there life, regardless of prior relations or hiccups you and the other may have had. Minnie’s should have the right to be able ,as long as the situation, atmosphere is safe, and sound to choose rather they spend time with. I applaud all mothers who play the role of both mom and dad. Best believe that that is not an easy role to play.  Even if daddy is there, but y’ all two may have separated, and live in another location. Mom is still dad and mom, when he is not there. So yes this can be a true testament of a ladies strength and character. When it comes down to raising young black men in this society that we live in, it’s almost crucial that the young male has a anchor in his life. The same goes for our young black girls.

Harkwig gang first camping trip-
We did that~ camping at it’s best

Not to say that all races do not deserve to have an anchor (Daddy figure). Trust, Mytruth all lil Minnie’s black, white, etc. needs one. Somebody that they can see doing positive things in and around there life, so that as they grow, they know what love from a real Man is.  So when I say black lil boys and girls, it is only cause of the stigma that society places on us as a culture. It is sad that we live in a culture of such, but we all live in a society that judges your every move. Good or bad. 


Mytruth, I had my mom and dad in one household. We stayed in a okay neighborhood. I did not have everything I wanted, but I can sure bet I had everything I needed. My daddy was a provided for his family. Everyday he strived to be a steady anchor. So when I became pregnant at 16, my world went upside down. I did not know how my daddy would see his perfect little girl. No not Carlisa. My parents did not find about my pregnancy until I was almost 5 months. My daddy of course was upset, hurt, and disappointed. After a long intense conversation with my daddy he automatically went into anchor mode. My daddy along with my mommy helped me through one of the most scariest times of my LIFE… Teen pregnancy. 

I believe if I did not have the anchor, strength of my daddy at that time in my life. God only knows. What if he told me to get out, figure it out on your own. He could’ve done anything, but he choose to stick by my side. That is what a anchor is. A king. Trust everybody, male or female needs an anchor in there life. We go through so much, and you need to know that someone strong has your back. Uplift, and empower all dads everyday, not just today.  #MyTruth

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Just life a box of Chocolates. The assorted box.

“Life is like a box of chocolates…”. I never really saw the entire movie-  Forrest Gump, but I did see that part. That one statement is so true, and we all can relate, Mytruth life is like a box of chocolates.

Chocolates.jpgEveryday we go about our day to day routines not expecting that something can throw you off course. We plan, organize, and prepare knowing that it will work out. I know that for me, I try but there is always something that comes about to make me say, this was not on the list. Especially as a parent, we basically inherit any and mostly all issues of our children until they are 18, however being a parent in my eyes will be 365 for the remainder of my minis 365, and that’s just what it is. SO yes when any situation (assorted chocolate) come up you have to be able to handle it. Even when it throws your whole day off.

Art balloons
Pool side fun

Just recently my minis went on summer break, and was anticipating there report cards in the mail, because the schools that my minis go to does not release report cards on the last day of school, they mail it. So for my oldest, my baby girl she worked her butt off this school year. This was her 1st year in high school (9th) and, she wanted to start out great. on track. ;0) She was in all honors classes, and also was in concert band she even try-out for some school activities. She strived in all her classes to make no less than a 90 in all her classes. My youngest, my handsome baby boy on the other hand was just praying to the baby Jesus that he passes to the 7th grade.

Big Mouth

The last few weeks before school was out my son ensured that he completed all missing assignments, and did his best on quiz retakes. So on the last day of school when he came home with this huge smile and said that he was going to the 7th grade, that made me feel so happy and excited for him. His dad and I was his biggest cheerleaders and with hard work it paid off.  Now my husband said that he was proud of him ;0) and happy but he needed to see the proof first, just to conquer what he was saying was his truth. My son can be a lil sneaky, anybody who knows him and or me personally knows from my conversations with them about him. Love him ;0)

Hard work pays off

So any who he needed to show his dad the proof. Baby girl already knew that she was passing, but she wanted to see her grades and achievements from the school year. So my son received his report card 1st, but my daughter was still in anticipation. So finally it was here. That envelope that Taria was waiting on, and when she opened that envelope her mouth dropped. The school mailed her a letter, stating she owed a $100.00 fee for band.

If you could’ve seen the hurt in my baby girl eyes. She was upset, and me Mytruth I was Peed off (P@$! Off) I went on a rant. Why do you owe a $100.00 band fee, and for what? Look, I will pay the bill when due, but I need to know for what?…. and why was this not informed at the beginning, middle or half point way through the school year.

She received every other report card, progress report. My daughter owns her flute, and there was no special uniform needed, because she did not perform outside of the school. So again I said for what???

So I proceeded to read the letter and noticed that in order to make payments or even contact, you have to email the booster club? Say what? I need a phone #. This is a prime example of my opening statement, Life if like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what you will get. Taria was prepared for the report card, but did not expect the outcome of not receiving it when she had already expected.

No limits

I try to go about everyday just knowing that regardless how that day may start…. with sunshine and roses, and are it may be a day that I am just not feelin. Trust I have those moments, but you have to live for the moment. Especially when you have the minis looking up to you. Mytruth one way are the other, live your life regardless of the chocolate you choose. It may be sour, it may be sweet, hey it can even be a lil nutty, but that’s life, and you have to live yours regardless. While doing it live your truth, and make the best of the outcome. You may not know the taste of the day, but you can choose the outcome by the end of the day.  #MyTruth.





Do you have me time? #MyTime


I need some me time not some you and some I just some she time, oh ooh
I need some she time, not some him and some her just some free time, oh ooh
I wanna run with my girls hit the club, hit the mall get my nails done and hair done
Spend a day at the spa, boy you ain’t got to worry, there ain’t nothing going on
I need some me time and that’s all, and that’s all- “Heather Headley- Me Time


Carlisa Turns 32 in Myrtle Beach 2017 061

Dealing with everyday stresses of the world can have you feeling like you don’t even have time to close your eyes for 2.5 seconds. The kids, your husband and or family can be the numero uno of draining you out. Just a day a go, I finally took some me time. Time for myself. Your Me time is whatever keeps you cool ,calm, collective. Helps you to stay sane in your right mind. Rather you enjoy shopping, or a spa date, walking through your neighborhood park, or turnin up at that next party or concert you wanted to attend. That is your time. Your Truth. I rarely take time for my self. Like personal time. I hear people say all the time, “Carlisa you better take some time for your self” and my all time response-  “I will”. Well after reschedule after reschedule, I went to see the doctor. If you know me personally well then you already know. I tend to procrastinate on things that I feel can wait. Being a caretaker for an elderly person can be very demanding, and when I stepped in to care for my grandma, my mommy mom, after the passing of my mom in 2010, I started to feel the stress and woes of being a caretaker, mother and wife.


My mom although at that time, grandma could still drive and do normal everyday things for her self, even take her pills. She did everything for grandma. She made her feel like a queen. Food was prepared, house was clean, clothes wash. etc. Even while still pleasing her husband of 29 years, 4 kids and 2 grand kids. My mom was a trooper. So sadly when mommy pass it was almost expected that grandma would need extra care, assistance especially with her baby girl passing away. After a few months grandma was hospitalized with water around her heart and she even fell a few times. This resulted in her staying in a nursing home for a month, but released to home care, with assistance from nurses, and physical therapist coming to the house. My husband, brothers, sister and kids had to step it up. Grandma needed round the clock assistance. Just like having another child. We did what we had to do.

Me Time

Mytruth, I felt as if I was becoming my mom. Not like that was a bad thing, it’s just she never put her self first. She was always making sure everyone was ok, and not ensuring she was ok. So I over time felt as if I was starting that same trend. Caring for love ones, rushing them to doctor appointments, cooking, cleaning….you get my drift, and still not one time saying ok Carlisa what about you? Going to the doctor office was definitely a Me time moment. It felt good to sit down with my physician, and she say to me ok carlisa how are you? Is there anything I need to know? I know this may sound corny, but of all places I was happy to go to the doctor? Yes, because I know that my health, body, mind, and spirit is doing good. My husband bless his heart, hears all my issues ( Love HIM;) ) and him knowing that I am ok brings peace to my mind and his. And knowing I will have more conversations of Mytruth is everything. Life is short we hear it all the time. Make sure you take some time out for YOU. Have your Me Time. #Mytruth 

That’s my Sista! #GirlChat

Your man acting cra cra, the kids going fool, and you worked all day, but still got to cook, because fast food is not an option tonight. No matter what us ladies need a break. We do it all for our families. Definitely the bread and butta that keeps it all together. When it’s time for conversations with your girl friends let’s have #Girlchat. We can all use it, Mytruth we need it.

“Where my girls at, from the front to back, well is you feelin that, put one hand up, can you repeat that… 90’s R&B female group- 702 – “Where my girls at”


With everything going on in our daily routines, we need to be able to call on someone other than our spouse (issue may be bout them ;0)) when we need to vent. We feel free to breathe, cry and laugh about our daily Truth. Every female has that one go to friend. She can talk to. Even if the conversation upsets her, she will listen to your truth and take it with understanding, and try to give you the best advice possible. She is not judge mental, and should not make you feel lower then you may already feel. She should uplift and encourage you, even if this is your 15th time taking that fool back. (There is always that one friend who cannot let go- #Nojudgement)


I love to see a woman empower another woman, for her skills, class, education, beauty, and the list can go on and on. Remember not all ladies are around an encouraging female, and those ladies may not understand there beauty, worth or class. Ladies who may need that extra daily push, to know someone is in there corner regardless of there current situation or past. That’s why I always try to listen first. You never know what someone is going through until you listen to them. That’s why I love to see woman empowerment of any kind.


#Girlchat, good conversation with a beverage of choice, and a juicy hot topic. We usually already know when our friend needs to talk. Ladies can converse in good and bad situations. By the time you are done talkin, you will have your answer, and know what to do next, and regardless of your decision, your girl friend will be ready for the next girl chat. That next topic to get U through whatever it may be. #Mytruth