My Anchor. #He is

Today although just like Mothers day should be celebrated everyday, not just this one day. I get it though, it’s that one day that everyone can be in sync and on the same high of saying Happy fathers day. Daddy’s are the anchor of there household. The rock, he is the King. ย 

“Spin me around till I fell asleep, then up the stairs he would carry me, and I knew for sure. I was loved. If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him. I’d play a song that would never, never end. How I’d love, love, love to dance with my father again.”- ย Luther Vandross- Dance with my Father

All kids deserved to have there father in there life, regardless of prior relations or hiccups you and the other may have had. Minnie’s should have the right to be able ,as long as the situation, atmosphere is safe, and sound to choose rather they spend time with. I applaud all mothers who play the role of both mom and dad. Best believe that that is not an easy role to play.ย  Even if daddy is there, but y’ all two may have separated, and live in another location. Mom is still dad and mom, when he is not there. So yes this can be a true testament of a ladies strength and character. When it comes down to raising young black men in this society that we live in, it’s almost crucial that the young male has a anchor in his life. The same goes for our young black girls.

Harkwig gang first camping trip-
We did that~ camping at it’s best

Not to say that all races do not deserve to have an anchor (Daddy figure). Trust, Mytruth all lil Minnie’s black, white, etc. needs one. Somebody that they can see doing positive things in and around there life, so that as they grow, they know what love from a real Man is.ย  So when I say black lil boys and girls, it is only cause of the stigma that society places on us as a culture. It is sad that we live in a culture of such, but we all live in a society that judges your every move. Good or bad.ย 


Mytruth, I had my mom and dad in one household. We stayed in a okay neighborhood. I did not have everything I wanted, but I can sure bet I had everything I needed. My daddy was a provided for his family. Everyday he strived to be a steady anchor. So when I became pregnant at 16, my world went upside down. I did not know how my daddy would see his perfect little girl. No not Carlisa. My parents did not find about my pregnancy until I was almost 5 months. My daddy of course was upset, hurt, and disappointed. After a long intense conversation with my daddy he automatically went into anchor mode. My daddy along with my mommy helped me through one of the most scariest times of my LIFE… Teen pregnancy.ย 

I believe if I did not have the anchor, strength of my daddy at that time in my life. God only knows. What if he told me to get out, figure it out on your own. He could’ve done anything, but he choose to stick by my side. That is what a anchor is. A king. Trust everybody, male or female needs an anchor in there life. We go through so much, and you need to know that someone strong has your back. Uplift, and empower all dads everyday, not just today.ย  #MyTruth

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